Nourished Body - Fresno Massage by Maire Colleen Beer, CMT

Hello! My name is Maire Colleen Beer and I'm a Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Nourished Body.
I'm very passionate in what I do and take great pride in being able to help my clients with the care and healing they need, through touch. I personally get a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing my clients well being is being improved by my practice.

I'm a true believer and advocate that massage can change your life. I have seen it make a difference with many ailments including: stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, mental and physical illness and of course, general aches and pains. Massage is extremely important to one's health however, so many of us go without this healing touch, whether it be money issues, not enough time in the day or lack of information on who and what to look for in a CMT.
Massage holds such great benefits to one's health that we, as a society, need to embrace more fully and treat massage as legitimate medicine to the body and soul. There is no better time, than now-- don't keep postponing it, waiting for the couple times a year that you "splurge" on yourself or waiting until you have no other choice because you're experiencing pain on a daily basis. You deserve it now. You are worth it.

I would love to have you as a client so you can explore the world of wellness and tranquility!

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